Nature's Muse, LLC 
Natural Handmade Soaps and More... 
Welcome to Nature‚Äôs Muse  
Located in beautiful southeastern Wisconsin, our goal is to provide high-quality natural soaps and skin care products at affordable prices.
Our natural, handmade soaps contain:
  • No animal products
  • No pigments or dyes
  • No phthalates
  • Organic, sustainable palm oil (when used in a formula)
All soaps weigh a minimum of 5 ounces, unless specifically noted otherwise.
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A note on SHIPPING CHARGES:   We have a minimum $5.00 shipping/handling charge on small orders.  Shipping charges are generally based on USPS Priority Flat Rate Boxes.  If your shipping charges are $1.00 or more over the actual postage, we will promptly refund the difference.  Also, anyone picking up soaps locally can also use the Shopping Cart, and the shipping fees will be refunded right away.