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Vegan Lip Balm in Twist Tube

These unsweetened lip balms are made with candelilla wax (a plant wax), so they are vegan-friendly.  Also, we've removed the shea butter from our previous formula and added coconut oil.  This formula glides on smoothly and feels great on your lips.  The tube holds .15 oz of balm, and comes shrink wrapped.
Now available in four flavors:
Chai Latte - essential oils of cinnamon leaf, coriander, Chinese star anise, black pepper and clove, with a touch of natural vanilla oil
Mojito - spearmint and lime essential oils
Orange Kiss - 5-fold orange essential oil
Peppermint - peppermint essential oil
Ingredients:  almond oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, candelilla wax, essential oils

PRICE: $2.99/tube