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"Dancing Pebbles"
This stunning soap is poured using the "dancing funnel" technique.  Before pouring, the soap is divided into bottles (or funnels) and then quickly squeezed into a color pattern, one color squeezed into the previous.  The result is a soap that resembles river pebbles.
The colors in this soap come from charcoal and botanicals.  It is scented with the essential oils of rosemary, grapefruit and lemongrass.  We've enriched it with organic canola oil and shea butter.
We make this soap in very small batches (6 bars at a time).  This first batch is being sold at a special price because the bars weigh between 4.75 and 5.5 ounces (not our "minimum 5 ounce" standard size). When the soaps from this batch are sold out, the next batch will be ready to ship at the end of February, 2018.
Ingredients:  coconut oil, purified water, olive oil, organic and sustainable palm oil, organic canola oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, essential oils of rosemary, grapefruit and lemongrass, olive oil infused with annatto seeds, turmeric, activated charcoal from bamboo, madder root powder
PRICE:  $5.95 per bar