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Organic Face Oil
Oily Skin Formula
(two sizes)
The obvious question is: why do you need a face oil if you have oily skin?  Answer is, you may not!
But if you are or doing facial cupping (or any facial massage), you will need a lubricant for the cup to glide over.  The oils in this vegan-friendly formula have been chosen to not clog pores and to soak in rapidly.  The geranium essential oil gives a light rosy scent and is believed to create a balance between oil and dry skin, while soothing sensitive or irritated skin.
Here's a description of each carrier oil:
Organic Apricot Kernel Oil (cold-pressed, unrefined) is high in essential fatty acids, which help maintain softness and suppleness.  It is high in Vitamins A and tocopherols, and may help stimulate production of collagen. 
Organic Jojoba Oil (cold-pressed, unrefined) is actually a liquid wax.  Chemically, it is very similar to human sebum.  It won't clog pores, and it contains different varieties of tocopherols.

Organic Meadowfoam Oil (cold-pressed) got its name because when the plant is blooming, it resembles the white foam blowing on the sea.  This renewable crop is native to the west coast.  The oil forms a barrier on the skin to prevent moisture loss.  It is high in tocopherols and has excellent rejuvenating properties.
This Face Oil comes in an amber bottle with a glass dropper.  It is available in two sizes:
  • 1 fluid ounce
  • 1/2 fluid ounce       
SALE PRICE:  $26.99/1 fluid ounce bottle
PRICE: $14.99/.5 fluid ounce bottle