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Hair Conditioner Bar, unscented
This unscented hair conditioner bar is designed to be used as a rinse out conditioner.  It leaves your hair soft and more manageable.  It improves your hair's volume, reduces tangles and really reduces static electricity.  It travels well (no worries of leaky bottles), and it is vegan friendly.
We've included 4 conditioning oils in it:  Shea butter is deeply moisturizing and high in essential fatty acids.  Avocado oil is vitamin-rich with excellent moisturizing properties.  Hemp oil increases elasticity, shine and manageability.  And jojoba oil is actually a liquid plant wax, long used in hair care products.
Each bar weighs between 85 and 90 grams, and will be packaged in tissue paper.  Keep it dry between uses, just like you would soap.  While length of hair and personal use will impact how long the bar lasts, for most people it will probably last several months.  Pair it with one of our shampoo bars for extra savings (see "Sets" under "Hair Care" on Navigation Tab).
To use:  after shampooing, wet the conditioner bar in hot water and glide it all over your hair, including the ends.  Then massage in to distribute evenly.  After a minute or two, rinse out thoroughly.
Ingredients:  conditioning emulsifier (BTMS and cetearyl alcohol), shea butter, jojoba oil, cetyl alcohol, avocado oil, hemp oil
PRICE: $7.99 per bar