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"Wander the Woods" Perfumed Oil
The inspiration for this scent was a spring time wander in the woods.  Wildflowers are blooming, filling the air with their fragrance while mixing with the woodsy scent of the awakening trees.
This perfume's first note is the sweet floral of ylang ylang and the citrus of bergamot.  Then the underlying cedarwood comes out, with the earthy hint of black pepper essential oil.  The carrier oil in this perfume is jojoba oil, which has an incredibly long shelf life.
We've packaged this perfume in a roller ball bottle (.33 fl oz).  Use it as a regular perfume, or try using it to scent your hair.  Roll a bit onto your fingertips, rub them together, then run fingers through hair.  Your hair will smell incredible, and will be conditioned by the jojoba.  Perfumes with essential oils tend to fade more quickly than synthetic fragrance oils; reapply this perfume oil as needed.
Ingredients:  jojoba oil, essential oils of bergamot, ylang ylang, cedarwood and black pepper
PRICE: $7.99 per bottle