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Set:  Pomander Shampoo Bar and unscented Conditioner Bar

This shampoo bar is scented with orange, clove and rosemary essential oils, and is loaded with rich oils and butters. Now you can pair this shampoo bar with our unscented hair conditioner bar for a special price.
To use the shampoo bar, thoroughly wet hair and bar. Gently rub bar in small circles over scalp. Then massage into scalp--it will produce a lot of lather. Rinse thoroughly.
To use the conditioner bar, after shampooing wet the conditioner bar in hot water and glide it all over your hair.  Then massage it in for even distribution.  After a minute or so, rinse out thoroughly.  Each conditioner bar should last for months.
For a complete description of each item, see the page for each under "Hair Care" on the Navigation Tab.
PRICE: $12.95 per set (1 Pomander shampoo and 1 unscented conditioner bar)