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Unscented Hair Conditioner Bar
This solid conditioner is to be used as a rinse off conditioner.  It helps detangle hair and eliminate static electricity, gives your hair volume and body, and leaves it feeling soft and much more moisturized.  
For a complete description, find it under "Hair Care" on the Navigation Bar.  Our shampoos are now found there as well.  Purchase the conditioner bar with one of our shampoo bars for a special price! 
Under "Hair Care," there is one page for a set of Pomander Shampoo with the conditioner bar, and one page for a set of the Rosemary Mint Shampoo with the conditioner bar.


"Dancing Pebbles"
 Our newest soap is made using the "dancing funnel" technique.  The resulting bar resembles river pebbles.  We are making this soap in very small batches (6 bars per batch).
For a complete description, go to "Soaps (scented)" on the Navigation Bar.