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Hair Conditioner Bar - Sample Size
For those who would like to try a smaller hair conditioner bar before committing to the full size one, we now have your sample size!  It is approximately 1/3 the size of the full size bar (25 to 30 grams), and will last most people for weeks.  Like the full size bar, it is unscented.
For a complete description, go to "Hair Care (shampoos, conditioner) on the Navigation Tab.  It is directly under the full size Hair Conditioner Bar page.
Eco Tube Lip Balms
 Eco Tube lip balms were available in the past, but these have my new lip balm formula (same as the plastic twist tubes).  They are vegan friendly, and glide on smoothly.  There is no shea butter in them, so they will never be grainy.  Because the original tubes had my ingredients preprinted on them, each tube will now have a glued on "cigar wrapper" listing the flavor and ingredients.  The photo to the right shows the back of the Eco Tube.
For a complete description, go to "Lip Balms, Eco Tubes" on the Navigation Tab.