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Salt Soap (for acne)
Here's a soap that many have found really helps their acne!  Our Salt Soap contains only coconut oil (when coconut oil is used in high percentages in soap, it has a drying effect on the skin) and is loaded with fine sea salt.  We've added activated charcoal powder (from bamboo) and essential oils believed to help acne and skin conditions in general.  The color of the soap is black from the charcoal (you may not want to use your white washcloths with this bar...).
Use care to avoid getting any suds near your eyes - besides being a soap, the bar is very salty!  
Ingredients: coconut oil, sea salt, purified water, sodium hydroxide, activated charcoal from bamboo, essential oils of lavender, tea tree and litsea cubeba
PRICE: $5.95 per bar